Expert dietitians specialising in eating disorder recovery and mental health

Welcome to our online clinic, we offer dietitian appointments for a range of conditions and operate internationally*. We would love to support you.

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Why work with a mental health dietitian?

We believe that you deserve to see an expert who is highly qualified to offer you evidence-based support and encouragement through this difficult time.

All of the dietitians in this clinic have experience working in both the NHS and private practice. We have all gained additional training across a range of areas and continue to learn and keep up to date with the latest evidence.

We care deeply about forming good therapeutic relationships and we only see a handful of clients each week so we can give you plenty of time.

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Safe Practice is our Priority

Dietary change is an essential part of eating disorder recovery and eating well can be game changing when recovering from a period of poor mental health. We also acknowledge that dietary management on its own is often not enough. We encourage multi-disciplinary support and are keen to collaborate with other professionals that may be involved in your care.

We have a number of professionals of other disciplines within our network, who we would be happy to connect you with to build your own multi disciplinary team.

There is a degree of risk when recovering from an eating disorder, we take this very seriously and practice within HCPC, NICE and MEED guidance. This means we do not accept clients at very low weights and may require medical involvement/ responsible clinician for anyone underweight. Contact us for more details about this.