About Sarah

I am an Eating Disorder Dietitian and Trauma-informed specialist

Hi I’m Sarah, a Registered Dietitian specialising in eating disorders.

My passion for this work comes from a deeply personal understanding of the suffering that is an eating disorder.

My work is committed to nurturing the recovery journey for individuals and families, especially for those touched by trauma, whether it be domestic abuse, post natal depression, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) or anything else.

My approach to treatment is trauma informed, guided by empathy and a knowing that recovery is possible.

My approach is tailored to respect both physical and mental healing but only at a pace that feels right for you. I aim to meet you were you are at in your struggles.

My work is grounded in the principles of Intuitive Eating and body neutrality, offering treatment through a weight-inclusive, trauma-informed lens. I aim to create a safe space for you. A space where we navigate this healing journey together.

My role is never to dominate or take autonomy from you, I strive instead to sit with you and help you ask the hard questions. In this space, I aim to help you navigate accessible healing.

The journey to finding Food freedom is a really hard one, but it is so worth it and I will be honoured to navigate this journey with you.


My educational background includes:

  • First class honors degree in Dietetics (BSc Hons Dietetics, University of Plymouth)
  • British Dietetic Association (BDA) Masters in Paediatrics – Module 1
  • BDA Advanced Dietetics in Eating Disorders Course
  • Nutrition Counselling for Eating Disorders 3.0 – Marci Evans
  • Body Image Training – Marci Evans
  • Intuitive Eating Fundamentals – Christy Harrison
  • Currently engaged in Intuitive Eating PRO Skills Training – Evelyn Tribole
  • The Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma – NICABM
  • ARFID Training – University of Winchester and BEAT